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When you optimize database performance, tuning individual queries is as important as tuning server hardware and software configurations. Even one runaway query can

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Issuing a group of inserts reduces the overhead of multiple insert statements and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook by Ken

Will altering order of columns in GROUP BY affect performance? Dramatic decrease in SQL Azure performance after scaling to new edition. 2.

A properly designed index can greatly improve ORDER BY and GROUP BY performance in SQL databases—in the bast case removing the need to sort at all.

SQL GROUP BY Example. Now we want to find the number of orders sent by each shipper. The following SQL statement counts as orders grouped by shippers: Example.

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You can improve your SQL Server Compact 4.0 application performance by optimizing the queries you use. The following sections outline techniques you can use to

Huge performance difference when using group by vs distinct. Browse other questions tagged sql performance group-by distinct hsqldb or ask your own question.

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Introduction. The following Tips and Guidelines are very important from the performance perspective of your SQL Server development or production database.

SQL databases use two entirely different group by algorithms. The first one, the hash algorithm, aggregates the input records in a temporary hash table.

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GROUP BY ROLLUP. Creates a group for each MPP already redistributes data as necessary to improve performance for Support for ISO and ANSI SQL-2006 GROUP BY

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