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Sex not only feels good. It can also be good for you. Here’s what a healthy sex life can do for you. “Sexually active people take fewer sick days,” says Yvonne

10 Health Benefits of Having Sex. Let’s state the obvious: Having sex is fun. But what might be less obvious is that it’s also good for you — mentally and physically.

Of course sex is healthy, but did you know that a good sex life can provide specific health benefits? We spoke to the experts to find out just how sex improves our

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Benefits of Sex Everybody finds sex enjoyable. While others perceive sex as entertaining and fun, do you know that sexual intercourse has a variety of health

Yet good sex offers those health benefits and more. You don’t need a partner to reap this benefit: Sexual intercourse, nocturnal emission,

Research has shown that frequent sex is good for your health. View this video about the benefits of sex here.

Mar 04, 2012 · “Having sex regularly can do more than make you feel closer to your partner—it can actually make you physically healthier,” says Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, a

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The Hidden Health Benefits of Sex Twisting the sheets comes with a slew of body-boosting side effects. By Cari Wira Dineen March 12, 2014

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Nov 17, 2013 · Among the many health benefits of sex are: 1. Improved Immunity. People who have sex You can boost this benefit even more by practicing Kegel exercises

How love, sex and supportive relationships can benefit health and wellbeing, including lowering blood pressure and coping better with stress.

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