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Wanted: A Russian journalist – and former diplomat – believes that Prince Harry should sit on his country’s throne

The Throne of Russia . Coronation of the Russian Empress. The Coronation of the Russian Empress refers to a ceremony in which the ruler of Russia’s largest

An heir to the vacant Russian throne died in Australia, but his remains were held in a morgue for two months because no-one realised his royal ancestry.

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Photo: Russian Imperial House. The original article Who is the Rightful Heir to the Russian Throne? by Peter Broek has been permanently withdrawn from this site.

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In various kingdoms the succession to a throne has at times caused Emperor Paul I promulgated the Fundamental Laws of the Russian Empire of which Section 2 was

On this day in History, Russian czar abdicates on Mar 15, 1917. Learn more about what happened today on History.

Recognized worldwide as a noteworthy historical figure, Catherine the Great was one of the most prominent rulers of Russia and a figure deserving of admiration.

This is a list of the individuals who were, at any given time, considered the next in line to inherit the throne of Russia or Grand Prince of Moscow.

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Potential successors in March 1917. In the succession chart below, the number preceding each name indicates that individual’s position in the order of succession to

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