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Why Do My Nipples Hurt? By Elizabeth Palermo, Associate Editor | February 24, 2014 03:10pm ET. MORE This cancer, which can affect both men and women,

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Men’s nipples can be carnal command centers. Comprised of the tips, plus the pigmented circular area surrounding them known as the areola, they have the same nerve

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Painful nipples can occur in many women at various moments of their lives. They may have different causes, but what does it mean when your nipples hurt ?

Recently my nipples are extremely sensitive and painful to touch, and sometimes hurt when nothing is touching them. What could cause this? No redness or itching involved.

Whether surprising or not, men are just as likely to experience pain, discomfort, discharge and soreness in their breasts and nipples as women.

Nipple Problems. Archive Page . This Abnormally large nipples with secretion. the whole reason for this site is for men who are worried to be able to write in

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this.The fact you’re experiencing this in both nipples actually could be a good sign, I am a 57 man and both niples hurt.

Why do my nipples hurt? Most women have experienced sore nipples at some time or another. Men’s health; Parenting; Pregnancy; Quizzes; Slideshows;

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Again, this is MALE hurting nipples. There is no sexual stimulation when this happens. This is not a pleasurable feeling. The nipples feel like they are burning

why do my nipples hurt even though i have had a hystorectomy that was done 6 years ago. Other Ways to Get Answers on WebMD: Want to stay informed?

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