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WebMD’s Penis Anatomy Page provides a diagram of the penis and describes its function, parts, and conditions that can affect the penis.

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The glans penis (or simply glans, / ɡ l æ n z /) is the sensitive bulbous structure at the distal end of the human penis. The glans is anatomically homologous to

Fig. 1. Intact adult penis: This illustration represents an average normal adult human penis. The head of the penis (glans) has a covering, called

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Penis disorders can cause pain and affect a man’s sexual function and fertility. Read about the types of problems, including symptoms and treatments.

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glans [glanz] (pl. glan´des) (L.) a small, rounded mass or glandlike body. glans clito´ridis the erectile tissue on the free end of the clitoris. glans pe´nis the

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If the head of the penis becomes inflamed, the inflammation is referred to as balanitis. The loose flap of skin that covers the head of the penis – the foreskin – is

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