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DuPont and its partners use science-driven innovation to nourish a growing population, build a secure energy future and make the world a safer place.

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DuPont™ Zytel® nylon resin products include: Zytel® HTN for high heat, Zytel® PLUS for long-term heat aging, and renewably sourced Zytel® RS.

NEW DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS nylon Processability PLUS Added Performance to Subtract Weight, Cost in Automotive and Other Consumer Products Imagine taking nylon – one

After DuPont, Seaford celebrates nylon. It was shift change at the DuPont nylon plant, is one of that company’s major distribution sites in the area.

The portmanteau NYLON, also spelled NYLon or, less often, NY-Lon, starts with the concept of New York City and London as twin cities – the financial and

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100% Dupont nylon lined jacket. Water repellent, machine washable, elastic cuffs, and available with either the Emblem of The Order or 4th Degree embroidered emblem.

At 80, DuPont Nylon is Still Changing the World Zytel(R) Drives Nylon from the Runway to the Highway and Beyond

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One of DuPont’s facilities was listed No. 4 on the Mother Jones Top 20 polluters of Nylon and Bombs: DuPont and the March of Modern America; Zilg

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In 1948 DuPont chemical engineers converted one of Seaford’s production units into a pilot plant for “Fiber V,” later to be known as Dacron. (BCF) nylon, soon to

Dupont Nylon Dupont Type 66-728 Nylon netting is a brand-name material, made from dupont fibers. It is known as a higher quality netting material in the industry.

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