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Blonde poetry: my beautiful blonde haired man / Beautiful blonde baby / e day in your lifetime beautiful pretty blonde princess. / That to be blonde / A blonde

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Poetry Buffet – Humor and Funny Poems – Ode To Being Blonde by Nancy Ness. Blonde is not a hair color. It’s a state of mind. Sometimes, a very funny state of mind!

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Funny Blonde Jokes. Blondes in a dark hole. Two blondes are in a dark hole one says “man it’s dark down here The other blonde looking rather confused said,

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In Her Blond-Blonde Hair by Robert Rorabeck. .Corrupted into the grandeurs of the theatres of incents Of grandeurs of grandeurs Of sounds that cannot restthe

Blonde. Poem by Arif Muhammad. Blonde: It’s not what you did It’s not what you do I love blonde And so should you She loved

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blonde hair, blue eyes blonde hair, blue eyes. oh they did entice the teen with black hair, brown eyes. he was smooth charming he deceived her,

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The Blonde teen by Donna Caldwell. .She stared at her with envious eyes Her nature turning green The tall blonde teen approaching her With a figure very lean Her eyes

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Funny blonde jokes about everything, including plain stupidity. The mother of all Blonde jokes websites

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