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Where’s Your State Hanging? The States With The Largest Penis Size In America. Shares. Eddie Jacob. in World. Dec 4, 2013 10:09am. Like Us On Facebook. Like Us On

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When Falcon was in fifth grade, his collegemates saw his penis, Falcon appeared in a documentary by UK Channel 4 called The World’s Biggest Penis.

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Want to know which country has the biggest penises while North Korea comes bottom of the pile with an average penis size of 3.8in. South America is comfortably

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Jonah Falcon is something of a celebrity in his home city of New York for one very big reason: he is the owner of the world’s largest penis. Measuring eight inches

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Man is the ape, the monkey and the primate with the biggest penis! Gorilla males, which dwarf humans in body size, have minute penises compared to ours,

Biggest Penis In America 81, which claims to be America’s first online condom store (who knew!), has decided to conduct its own very important, highly scientific study*.

May 05, 2013 · Jonah Falcon tells Kevin Fallon about his song, “It’s Too Big,” and having the world’s largest penis.

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Jonah Falcon, Man With World’s Largest Penis, Frisked By TSA At California Airport. NEW! HIGHLIGHT AND SHARE. Highlight text to share via Facebook and Twitter.

Dec 02, 2013 · Penis Sizes By State: How Does Yours Measure Up? 12/03/2013 06:04 pm ET State With Smallest Penis Biggest Penises United States State With Biggest Penis.

Canada Beats U.S.A For “Biggest” Penis Sizes In North America Lifestyle Loud, proud, – The Congo has the largest penis size, coming out to 7.1 inches

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